About us

A shared vision for South London
Health Education South London will – with its members – design, develop and deliver a workforce that will lead to sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of the population of South London.

Health Education South London will:

  • Support the delivery of world class care through excellent education and training interventions
  • Achieve high quality outcomes in South London by improving, innovating and engaging in education and training
  • Assess and respond to the collective workforce requirements of healthcare providers
  • Commission education and training programmes to best develop the workforce to meet South London’s needs.

Health Education South London profile

  • Three million residents across 12 London Boroughs with a 14 per cent population growth by 2031
  • 12 Health and Wellbeing Boards and 12 Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Seven Higher Education Institutes and Universities including two medical schools
  • 31 education and training placement providers
  • Estimated 60,000 plus NHS workforce
  • 3,500 medical and dental training posts across 82 specialities
  • 3,800 nursing and midwifery training posts